What is Vaccination

Over the years, there has been a lot of controversy regarding the side effects of some vaccines since the rumor that measles vaccine causes
autism and cerebral palsy. This controversy has gone so far that some parents have opted to keep their kids from getting any kind of vaccine.

What is vaccination?

A very week version of the germ that caused a particular disease is introduced to the body via a shot or a drop in the mouth. When these germs
get into the body, the immune system tries to fight it by developing stronger antibodies. These antibodies stand as soldiers against the disease itself and they are always ready to tackle it should ever come near the body again.

Vaccination is done at different ages from 0 to years and booster vaccines repeated between 3 and 6 years. In some countries, children are given a birth vaccine within 5 days after birth to protect them from certain diseases common in that particular area.

The question of whether measles vaccines are safe or not aside, what are the benefits of vaccines for children in general?

Protect children from serious diseases

Though some of them like small pox have been controlled and eradicated, there are serious diseases that can cause permanent disability and death to a child. Such diseases include polio, measles, tetanus, rotavirus and others.
Any child who is not vaccinated against such diseases is very likely to contract them and suffer permanent damage or death.

Prevent an outbreak

An outbreak usually begins with just one person who transmits the disease to another and the chain continues. In a community where everyone is vaccinated from all the diseases that have vaccines. It is impossible to have an oubreak. Even if one person comes with disease, he can not transmit it to vaccinated people.

Protect other people

Luckily most children who have a disease can get treated and become well. However, the child could have transmitted that disease to a baby whose immune system is not strong yet or to someone with low immunity because of cancer, HIV or transplant. These people are likely to die from the serious disease while the original carrier survives because their immunity wasn’t very strong. It is important to vaccinate all kids to protect others in the community.

Eradicate diseases

Several years ago, a disease called small pox was wiping out people by the millions all over the world unitl a vaccine was discovered. The vaccine was able to eradicate the disease completely and soon many other diseases will be unheard of just like small pox.

Reduce the impact of diseases

Originally, vaccines were developed to deal with very serious like small pox, polio and measles that could cause death or permanent disability. However, nowadays scientists have developed flu shots, chicken pox vaccine and other vaccines that make the impact of these conditions less on the child. Even though the child may still contract the flu or chicken pox, it will not affect them quite as severel as someone who was not vaccinated.


The truth is, without vaccines, half of this world or more would be dead already. Though most vaccines have mid side effects like redness on the area you were injected and headaches, they are completely safe and don’t cause autism or any other condition.

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