What is the Booster Vaccine? 7 Things to Know

Many parents are aware of the importance of proper and timely vaccination to your child. however, most of the parents do not know the fact that there exists something called the booster vaccine, which for most of the diseases is equally very important. Hence, being a parent myself, I would like to bring to your notice more about this type of vaccine. So, read on the article “what is the booster in vaccine and things to know about it.”

Booster Vaccine

Vaccines are important because they go a long way in helping to prevent the disease. Booster vaccines are actually the one which needs to be given after the initial dose of vaccine to enable the original vaccine to continue its effect of helping against the particular disease.

Why are Booster Vaccines so Important?

Booster vaccines are important owing to the following reasons:

In certain diseases, there is always a possibility that the disease might reemerge after some time. This might not be true for all the diseases, but in some, this is really important to consider.

Also, the immunity factor might be different in certain conditions and that is why boosters might be required.

Vaccines Which Require Boosters

The following are some of the vaccines that require boosters:

7 Things to Know About the Booster

The following section lists down some of the things that you should know about the booster vaccines:

  1. Booster is an additional dose that administered in a person after he or she has been given the primary dose of the vaccine
  2. It is basically described as the “reexposure to the immunizing agent” in proper medical terms
  3. In order to understand the effect and the need of giving the booster vaccine, you should first calculate and see what are the number of effective antibodies that are present in a person after he or she has been administered with a primary vaccine. Such a process is called the amnestic response.
  4. In the medical field, most of the doctors are also able to perform the presence of t cell or b cell against a particular disease. The tests are usually performed after some amount of time has elapsed after giving the first primary dose to the person
  5. The doctors also need to be extremely careful that the administration of booster is absolutely necessary in human beings. The reason for the same is that if the presence of antibodies is strong enough, then administering the booster vaccine in individuals may do more harm than actually protect the person from getting the disease.
  6. Another important fact about the boosters is that in some diseases the requirement for the booster is much higher as compared to some of the other diseases. One example of a vaccine where the booster is required in every 10 years is Tetanus.
  7. The medical community has not been able to reach to a comprehensive conclusion to prove the fact that some diseases require booster vaccines while some do not require them at all.

Thus, I hope that through this article, you have been able to better understand the meaning and importance of booster vaccines.

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