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Vaccination is such an important part of your child’s growing up. It is for this reason, that the experts in the medical field are always on the lookout for new innovations and vaccines. However, most of the diseases cannot be cured or prevented through vaccines yet. The medical community is always trying to invent new vaccines so that most of these diseases can be prevented. In this article, we shall discuss one such disease which is called Chikungunya.

What is Chikungunya?

Chikungunya is a disease that is transmitted from mosquitoes to human beings and is very similar to Typhoid,  Zaika and Dengue diseases. Major countries that have been affected by Chikungunya include India, Africa, Europe, as well as other Asia countries.

Symptoms of the Chikungunya Disease

The following section explains some of the symptoms that are common to Chikungunya and the symptoms include the following:

  • Joint pain and fever is the most common of all symptoms
  • A headache and different muscle ache
  • Swelling in the joint
  • Development of rashes at certain places
  • If you are a person who suffers from the issue of high blood pressure or diabetes, the disease is more likely to affect you than any other person

Chikungunya Vaccine in India

At present, there has been no development of any vaccine that can help to prevent this disease. However, there have been many countries that are concentrating their efforts toward the development of a vaccine that can help prevent the much -dreaded Chikungunya virus. India is no different and there have been regular efforts to develop a vaccine indigenously. As per a recent news published on a leading website, the development of the vaccine has been successfully done and there have been efforts to launch trials for the same in different parts of the country which are affected by the virus.

It was very recently, that a Hyderabad based Company in India that goes by the name of Bharat Biotech has got an approval from the government to start trials that shall go a long way in helping to finally build the vaccine. However, there have been hurdles in the development and the final execution of the trial which the government is trying to sort out.

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Treatment for Chikungunya

In the current scenario, what you can do to treat or even prevent this condition is very simple steps. The following section is about those steps:

  • Protect yourself against dehydration. Hence you should drink lot of water and other fluids
  • You should get lot of rest
  • Before taking any kind of medicinal help when you develop the disease, be sure to inform your medical expert about the details of the medicines that you might have been taking
  • There are medicines available that can help you cure the condition. The name of the medicine is acetaminophen.

So, to conclude, at present, there is no vaccine against the Chikungunya virus. However, the efforts are underway and we shall be able to see positive results soon. Till the vaccine is developed, we can try other preventive measures to combat the virus.

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