11 Vaccine for adults in India 2020

Since vaccination is very important, I have listed down the name of top vaccines that you can give to your adult child or can also take as an adult. World Health Organization (WHO) recommends the following vaccines for healthy adults:

DPT, MMR, Influenza, Pneumococcal, Human papillomavirus, and Zoster. And for high-risk individuals are the following: Hepatitis B, Hepatitis A, Meningococcal, Varicella, Hib, Typhoid, and Rabies.

Top Vaccine for Adult in India 2019

  1. DPT vaccine is administered to prevent diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus. The adult vaccine is given for age between 16- 64 years. The vaccine is administered in 3 doses of .5mL in which 2 doses are given 4 weeks apart and 3rd dose from 6 months – 12 months. The price of the vaccine is RS 1300 per dose.
  2. MMR vaccine is administered to protect against measles, mumps, and rubella. People who are born after 1957 should have 1 or 2 doses at least 28 days apart. The price of the vaccine ranges from Rs. 550 – Rs. 1200.
  3. Influenza vaccine is given to adults who are above 65 years of age. Influenza virus causes acute respiratory infection. It is recommended to take the vaccine every year. The cost of Influenza vaccine is Rs. 650
  4. Varicella vaccine is administered into the adults only if they are not immunized in their childhood. Varicella vaccine protects against chickenpox. The price of the vaccine is Rs. 1700 per dose.
  5. HPV vaccine is recommended for young adults of ages between 9 years – 26 years. The human papillomaviruses constitute of 200 related viruses most of which are spread through direct sexual contact. For the adolescents, 2 doses are administered with an interval of 6 months apart. For 15-26 years doses are given at an interval of 1 and 6 months. The cost of the vaccine is between Rs. 2800 – Rs. 3700.
  6. Zoster is a vaccine that prevents shingles which is a painful rash that usually develops in adults who are above 60 years old. A single dose is administered in the adult of 60 or more years of age. The price of the vaccine varies between Rs. 7500 – Rs. 8500.
  7. Cholera is caused due to contamination of water. It is fatal and spreads at a larger scale. The vaccine is administered in 2 doses with an interval of 1 to 6 weeks. Cholera vaccine is available between RS. 300 – RS. 400.
  8. Typhoid is caused due to inadequate water quality, contaminated food, and poor sanitation. 3 doses of the vaccine are administered on alternate days. The dosage is repeated every 3 years to boost the immune system. The cost of the vaccine is between Rs. 150 – Rs. 525.
  9. Hepatitis A causes serious liver damage. The Hepatitis A virus is spread from person to person through feces of people who are infected. 2 doses of the vaccine must be administered with an interval of 6 months. The cost of the vaccine is between Rs. 1000 – Rs. 1395.
  10. Rabies is a disease caused by animals such as bats, dogs, and cats. Human rabies is always fatal. Rabies vaccine will have 3 doses on days of 0,7 and 21. The price of the vaccine is Rs. 350 per dose.
  11. Shingles is a very painful viral infection. One of the main symptom during shingles is painful rashes on the body. Shingles can be prevented with help of Shingles Vaccine and it was introduced in India by MSD

The above vaccines have become important as there are many epidemic diseases around the world. One must always be safe and take appropriate precautions. recently I have covered about dengue vaccine in India, do check it out.

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