Vaccination Saves Child’s Life

For many parents after the birth of their child, one of the many medical responsibilities that they have to take is vaccination. This is a very important step as the baby’s immune system is vulnerable and in the process of building up. Vaccines not only help build up the immune system but also protect babies from crippling or even life-threatening diseases. However, some parents may call into question the frequency and the sheer number of vaccines given during the first two years of their lives. Discussed below are the reasons why it’s important to have your child vaccinated.

1. Vulnerability to a baby’s health

The baby grows in a mother’s womb in a sterile environment where all the fluids protect it from the outside world. However the moment it comes outside, it is exposed to all the bacteria and foreign elements. Babies also tend to have very little stomach acid which can dissolve the external bacteria. Thus a proper baby vaccination schedule ensures that it is protected from some of the more dangerous diseases.

2. Stopping the possibility of life-threatening diseases

Although the baby slowly develops an immune system to deal with daily threats in the home environment, some major diseases such as certain forms of hepatitis could suddenly become life-threatening. A proper vaccination schedule ensures that there is a possibility of this is reducing, if not eliminated.

3. Matching with the developmental stages in a baby

The first two years of a baby’s life are very important as far as building the immunity is concerned. It is at this time that many of the basic capabilities of the human body are developing and thus following the recommended childhood vaccination program for your baby will ensure that all of them developed unhindered. If vaccination for children is not done properly and some steps are missed, then certain diseases may hinder the baby’s mental or physical growth.

4. Giving the baby a lifelong ability to fight diseases

This is the time when all the required ammunition to fight diseases in the future are given to the human body in the form of vaccines for children. Vaccination for babies allows them to grow into healthy adults with healthy immune systems. A systematic schedule ensures that all the correct vaccines get into the body at the correct time.

5. Vaccination saves your child’s life.

With the current advancement in the medical industry, it has become possible to have your child protected against diseases as compared to the previous years. Most of the deadly diseases that earlier used to kill a lot of people have been eradicated completely. One perfect example of such a disease in today’s world is polio. Today with only one vaccination it can immune your child for a lifetime against polio.

Vaccinations are as a result of years of quality research and observations, and this makes them safe and effective for use. Vaccines are meant to save human lives without any pain, complications or any negative effect. Severe allergies are some of the negative side effects of vaccinations, however, such side effects are very rare. Medical science today has reached a stage where lifetime prevention from deadly diseases can be ensured in just a few drops.

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