Vaccination During Pregnancy in India

Immunization against various diseases is very important during the time a woman is pregnant. It helps to protect both the mother as well as the fetus from diseases which can be fatal. In this article, we look into some of the vaccines that should be given to a pregnant woman. Follow the list of below vaccine you can consider during pregnancy. 

5 Vaccines During Pregnancy 

#1 Tetanus Vaccine

Tetanus can be life-threatening for both the mother as well as the unborn child. If left untreated, tetanus can be fatal as well. In order to prevent neonatal tetanus, vaccines are administered and have proven to be safe as well at the time of pregnancy. It is recommended that the first dose of the vaccine should be given to the expecting mother as soon as her pregnancy is detected. The second dose of the vaccine is usually given after four weeks of pregnancy. In some cases, a third dose is given six months after the second dose has been administered into the mother.

#2 Influenza Vaccine

Influenza is known to be a disease which can affect pregnant women more than a non-pregnant woman. Problems in delivery and labour just before the vaccine is given are common problems in case a woman gets influenza at the time when she gets pregnant. Most of the experts recommend that influenza vaccine is to be given to women who have become pregnant during the influenza season. However, there are certain types of influenza vaccine that should not be administered into a pregnant woman. Know more about Influenza vaccine

#3 Hepatitis B Vaccine

Another important vaccine that should be given to a woman who is pregnant is the hepatitis B vaccine. Pregnant women have changing immunity and hormones. It is for this reason that their bodies are exposed to a higher risk of getting the various diseases. Hepatitis B is one of them. Since this particular type of vaccine is an inactivated vaccine type, it is usually considered safe for all women who are pregnant. The vaccine needs to be administered into a pregnant woman who is exposed to a greater risk of getting the hepatitis B vaccine

#4 Hepatitis A Vaccine


There has been much debate as to the fact whether or not Hepatitis A Vaccine should be given and administered to a woman who is pregnant. In certain cases, you may be recommended for this particular vaccine by your doctor.

#5 TDAP Vaccine

This is a vaccine that is recommended for treating of Tetanus, Diphtheria, as well as pertussis. Doctors recommend that you should administer this vaccine into a pregnant woman when she is somewhere into 28 to 31 weeks of her pregnancy. In case a woman does not like to get the vaccine at the time when she is pregnant, it is advisable that she gets the same administered immediately after her baby is born

Vaccine for Whooping Cough in Pregnancy

Another important vaccine that should be given to a woman who is expecting to become a mother is that of a whooping cough. There are lots of instances where you find that both the baby and the mother are under serious threat when it comes to diseases such as the whooping cough. The vaccine for a Whooping cough is highly recommended at the time when you are into your pregnancy. This means that both you and your child are protected against this serious disease. When this vaccine is administered into a pregnant woman it implies that the body is able to produce the much needed antibodies that help fight against this particular condition.

Additional Vaccines

There are many women who might require additional vaccines when they become pregnant or shortly after or just before pregnancy. Some examples include women being recommended the Hepatitis A Vaccine in case they have had a disease of the liver. There is another vaccine called the meningococcal vaccine which is usually recommended by the doctors at the time when you are travelling outside your home

Some vaccines are known to harm both the mother and the baby if administered into a woman at the time of her pregnancy. This is particularly true for those types of vaccines which are made of live virus. Depending on the recommendations of your doctor, you should get a vaccine administered at the time of the third or the second trimester if you are pregnant. In any case, do not get a vaccine administered into you if you are pregnant without consulting your doctor. you may like to check the vaccination chart for babies here.


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