Top 8 Reasons to Protect Children Through Vaccination

Vaccination is a very important part of every child. You do not want your child to face health conditions while he or she is growing up. Vaccination at the right time and in the right quantity can help your child prevent a number of health conditions. In this article, we see the top 8 reasons which will help highlight the reasons as to why children should be protected through vaccination.

8 Reasons to Protect Children Through Vaccination

  1. Vaccination helps to protect children from a lot of illnesses and diseases. If the right amount of vaccine is not given at the right time, your child might grow and develop serious health conditions which can be even fatal in nature
  2. If your child is vaccinated against a particular disease, your child’s immunity increases and the ability to fight against that disease is stronger
  3. Most of the Vaccines in India and across the world are known to be safe and effective. Most of the Vaccines have very little to no side effects
  4. Diseases such as measles, whooping cough, mums, amongst others are known to be quite a threat in our country as well as across the globe. Proper Vaccination improves your child’s immunity against those conditions
  5. In absence of proper Vaccination, there have instances where the diseases have outbroken in particular land. Hence, for the larger interest of the society, in general, you should go for proper Vaccination
  6. It is a well-known fact that Vaccination has helped protect your child and loved ones against a number of diseases. But there are certain diseases which are indigenous to one particular country as compared to the others. When people from these known countries travel to your own country, there is a high possibility that the diseases are brought along. If you do not provide the proper Vaccination to your child, your child may end up getting the disease himself or herself
  7. Your primary responsibility as a parent is to give a healthy life to your child to the maximum possible extent. Without Vaccination, the spread of diseases is much higher. Also, if proper vaccines are provided to your child, immunity towards some of the very common diseases can be guaranteed
  8. Because of all the reasons mentioned above, there are many different organisations that actually endeavour to raise awareness about the need and importance of vaccinating your child in the right way and in the right direction

Thus, I hope that it is clear from the above article that giving proper Vaccination to your child is extremely important and that as a parent, you cannot take Vaccination for granted! follow full vaccination chart for babies here

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