Shingles Vaccine Cost & Schedule Chart in India

Vaccination is quite important in today’s world. This not only offers you immunity from the specific diseases but it can also save you from a lot of pain and inconvenience that is caused during the period of illness. Shingles Vaccine is another type of vaccine which was introduced in India a couple of years ago and here are all the details about the Shingles Vaccine.

What is Shingles Vaccine?

Shingles is a very painful viral infection. One of the main symptom during shingles is painful rashes on the body. Shingles can be prevented with help of Shingles Vaccine and it was introduced in India by MSD. Shingles are usually caused by the reactivation of chickenpox causing virus and the healing time can be months or even years. There are extreme consequences like death, blindness and hearing issues as well.

This vaccine can help you in preventing the painful viral and let us now have a look at more details about this vaccination.

Why Shingles Vaccine is important

Shingles are caused usually in the people who are over the age of 50 years and hence shingles vaccination becomes important for the aged people. The immunity of the body is low at that time so you must opt for Shingles vaccination as it reduces the risk of shingles by almost 50%.

If you have an elderly person at home who is over 50 years of age then they must get a shingles vaccine for them as it can save them from a lot of pain and suffering. You should also check this 11 Vaccine for Adults in India here

Shingles Vaccine Schedule and Cost

The shingles vaccine has no immunization schedule. It is a single dose vaccination which can be administered by your doctor. You can check out the details of who should not take the vaccine to ensure that you are eligible to take shingles vaccination.

We are not aware of the exact cost of the vaccination but as per one of the sources the cost is between Rs 7500 and Rs 10,000.

Shingles Vaccine Side Effects

Each and every vaccine has certain side-effects. For Shingles vaccine, the side effects are

  • Soreness, Redness, Itching or Swelling at the site of vaccination
  • A mild Headache or fever

Who should not take the Vaccine?

There are some people who should not get the Shingles Vaccine and these are listed below

  • If you have had an allergic reaction to gelatin, neomycin or any other component that shingles is made of then you must report this to your doctor.
  • If a person has a weak immune system because of AIDS, Organ Transplant, Cancer or use of high dose steroids then you must avoid the vaccine.
  • The pregnant ladies are also advised to avoid the vaccination and the ladies are advised to avoid pregnancy for 4 weeks from vaccination.

Some Health Tips to protect someone from severe reactions

Always administer the vaccination to the person in medical supervision. If you believe that there can be a severe reaction then let your doctor know and they will keep you under medical supervision until they believe that there is no risk of any reaction.

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