Preventable Diseases with Vaccines

Vaccination of children is the process of administering a weekened virus of a bacteria or virus into their body. It is delivered at different
ages from 0 to 2 years. The vaccine will alert the child’s body to produce antibodies. Antibodies form part of the immune system and if the
child is exposed to the same virus again, the body will be able to provide the required antibodies to fight the infection.

Below is the list of diseases which can be preventable with vaccines or minimized the effect of disease.

Influenza (flu)
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B

Whooping Cough
Haemophilus influenzae

What are the benefits of vaccinating your Child:

Fatal diseases such as polio have been eliminated through vaccination. Polio was the worst dreaded disease in the USA due to its ability to
cause death and permanent disability in children. However, if you administer your child the polio vaccination, you are saving his life.

Help protect Other children:

It is impossible to administer some vaccination to children that have a low immune system due to various conditions such as leukemia. If you
vaccinate your child from various ailments, it prevents the chance of your child contracting the disease. Consequently, if your child is safe
from the illness, he will not infect other children who cannot receive the immunization.

Ensures the future generation is safe:

Vaccination are not only useful in protecting the life of a child but also providing the next generation is safe from the disease. Some
conditions can be transferred genetically or from mother to fetus in a pregnant mother. However, if your child is vaccinated at a tender age
the chances of developing the conditions are suppressed thus ensuring the future generation is safe.

Saves you money and time:

If your child develops vaccine-preventable ailments, he will force you to incur medical expenses that might be quire expensive. Vaccinations
are offered to children in most government hospitals for free thus they will save you future medical costs.

Consequently, your child might be denied a chance to attend school. Other diseases can lead to permanent disability and you will need to
dedicate time and money to care for your child. Disability can cause a child to suffer depression and other anti-social factors. It will be
also affect you ability to concentrate in your job efficiently as disabled kids needs more attention.

Vaccines are safe and efficient:

Vaccines, whether given at birth or a later stage are safe and have been used over the years to prevent various diseases. Though they may cause
discomfort at the time of administration, their benefits are massive. They avoid pain and suffering of living with the illness or disability
that the vaccine-preventable disease may cause in the future.

Bottom Line:

Vaccines are essential to every child by ensuring specific ailments are prevented from affecting your child. The vaccinations administered
helps the child throughout their lifetime and protects your child’s generation. Additionally, vaccines have rendered some diseases extinct.
However, some children are allergic to the vaccines and you may need to inform the doctor about your children’s allergy before administration.
Other kids have a week immune system and it is impossible to receive the vaccines without altering their kids medical condition.

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