Pneumonia Vaccine Price List & Chart in India 2020

The Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine or the PCV  vaccine is a shot that is given primarily to infants and toddlers for prevention of several pneumonia diseases from either occurring or spreading further from one person to another. It is proven that children are the most vulnerable to such diseases in the infant stage i.e. the first two years of their lives. Therefore, this vaccine becomes evidently indispensable when it comes to infants and their health.

 What are Pneumococcal diseases? Understand before you go

These diseases are caused by bacteria and can infect the blood, lungs or even the brain. Children who are below the age of five years are often found to be suffering from several pneumococcal diseases like meningitis, ear infections, blood infections etc. In fact, the WHO (World Health Organization) has declared these diseases as the number 1 among those diseases, which cause death among infants and can be prevented by vaccination.

Why is this PCV (Pneumonia) vaccine necessary for your child?

As already discussed, the Pneumonia vaccine for babies helps in preventing several kinds of Pneumococcal diseases. The bacteria causing such diseases are spread very easily from one person to another by close contact. In the present scenario, these diseases have become somewhat difficult to treat, considering that they have grown resistant to some of the medicines used to treat it nowadays. So the medicines often fail to produce the desired effects in the patients and the diseases become even more deep-seated. This has made the PCV vaccine all the more indispensable.

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PCV Dosage (Pneumonia) – To Whom and When

The age group suitable for this vaccination includes all children below 2 years of age. This is when the infants remain the most susceptible to all kinds of diseases – more so, to the pneumococcal diseases. The dosage of PCV vaccine for babies appropriate for the several age groups are as given below –

  • 2 months – 1 dose
  • 4 months – 1 dose
  • 6 months – 1 dose
  • 12 – 15 months – 1 dose

However, if any child misses the first dose at the age of 2 months, there will still be chances for him/her to get the vaccination. The same should, of course, be done under the advice of your doctor.

The most important part of this section is that the vaccine is recommended for children as well as adults who come into the age bracket of 2-64 years if their health conditions require the same. Besides, all adults above the age of 65years should also consider taking this vaccine to prevent all kinds of pneumococcal complications and diseases in the body.

As long as health conditions are concerned, in the case of children who are 2-5 years of age, the PCV  injection should be administered in case they have the following health conditions:-

  • Cochlear implant
  • Sickle cell disease
  • Damage in spleen or lack of spleen
  • Leak in the Cerebrospinal Fluid / CSF
  • Other diseases affecting the immune system of the body – cancer, liver disease, diabetes etc
  • Medications like Steroids / Chemo which tamper with the immune system of the body

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The total number of doses appropriate for every child may differ from one case to another and usually depends on the age of the child. For any more information on the same, always consider getting the expert opinion of your physician.

This Pneumonia vaccine can easily be given along with any other vaccine that the child might be taking.

PCV – Pneumonia Vaccine Cost, Chart & Schedule

6 weeks or 2 Months PCV (1st) PCV Rs 3800/-

Synflorix (PCV)- Rs 1800/-

10 weeks or 4 months PCV (2nd) PCV Rs 3800/-

Synflorix (PCV)- Rs 1800/-

14 Weeks or 6 months PCV (3rd) PCV Rs 3800/-

Synflorix (PCV)- Rs 1800/-

15 months PCV Booster PCV Rs 3800/-

Synflorix (PCV)- Rs 1800/-

However, it is to be noted that the price and dosage are only indicative and you should always consult a doctor before administering any kind of vaccine to your baby. Also, the cost may vary with the several brands that are in the market at present.

PCV Vaccine Brands in India

The most popular PCV brands in India are Pneumo-23 Vaccine Inj. from Sanofi Aventis, Synflorix by GlaxoSmithKline and Pneumovax 23 Inj. from MSD Pharma.

PCV Explaining Video in Hindi

The Types of PCV Vaccine

The types of PCV or polysaccharide-protein conjugate vaccines depend on the number of serotypes contained and thus, the number of types here is four –

  • PCV 7
  • PCV 9
  • PCV 10
  • PCV-13. 

At present only 10 and 13-valent conjugate vaccines are available. Apart from these, there is also another non-conjugate variety – the 23-valet, which is most effective and suitable for adults or older children.

The Side-effects that Might Follow

With each dose, these are a few side effects which are known to occur in as many as 1 in 10 people –

    • Slightly high temperature
    • Lower Appetite
    • Sleeping problems
    • Irritation/redness at the site of the PCV injection
    • Irritability etc

These effects can easily be done away with using simple paracetamols given the child is above 2 months and ibuprofen for infants over 3 months, who weight at least 5 kgs. However, always remember to consult your baby’s physician before giving using any of these medicines on your child.

There is sometimes also the chance of allergic reactions or anaphylaxis as with any food, medicine or vaccine.

Taking all into consideration, it is imperative to state that the administering of the PCV vaccine is a must in today’s world when the diseases have become more resistant and complicated and are spreading much faster than before. It becomes much more pertinent when it comes to the health of your children, who of course need the best care available.

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