Pentaxim Vaccine Price & Schedule in India 2020

Vaccination is one of the most important aspects of raising a child and a parent should be in a position to understand the same. I myself being a mother am very careful about some of the most sought-after vaccines as directed by my doctor for my child. In this article, I have tried to list down the details and importance of one of the most important vaccines called the Pentaxim vaccine

What is Pentaxim Vaccine?

This is a vaccine which contains the benefits of different vaccine combinations that include five different types.

The different types are whooping cough, tetanus, hepatitis B, Haemophilia influenza, as well as diphtheria.

In the medical world, the pentaxim is known by varied different names which include Quinvaxem, PFS, amongst various others

Price of Pentavac Vaccine in India

The vaccine is available in India and if you are someone who is going for this vaccine in India, you will have to pay the following for the same:

If you are buying or going for a 0.5ml injection of the vaccine, you will have to shed somewhere around 2500 rupees for each dose.

Immunization Schedule of the Pentaxim Vaccine

The following should be the immunization schedule for the vaccine, as advised by my medical expert:

  • Normally two injections are given to the child. The first is given when your child is 2 months old and the second is administered at the age of 4 months of the child. There has to be a gap of two months between two consecutive injections
  • After the above, a booster injection is to be administered at the time when your child is around 11 months of age
  • Another thing which can be done is that you can give injections to your child from the age of two months, with an interval of three months from each injection
  • For booster injection in the above case, care is to be taken to not delay the same beyond the age of two years of the child

Follow full Vaccination Chart with Price in India

Remember the Following About Pentaxim Vaccine:

  • If your child is allergic to any of the components or ingredients used in the vaccine, you should not inject it in the child.
  • Do not use the vaccine if your child is facing any type of lesions or allergies after receiving the first dose of the vaccine
  • In case of a scenario where your child is due to receive the Pentaxim vaccine along with some of the other types of medicines, you need to inform your doctor about the same and ask for his or her recommendations about it
  • In case of a fever or disease that occurred to your child all of a sudden, it will be recommended that the dose of the Pentaxim vaccine be postponed
  • There are a few known side effects of this particular vaccine and it is highly recommended that you study the same care and report the same to your medical expert
  • Always get the vaccine administered into you by a medical practitioner

Thus to conclude, you should make it a point to get the important Pentaxim vaccine administered into your child. As a parent, you should understand the importance of the same and try to never miss any dose of the vaccine for your child.

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