Painless Vaccination at 6 Weeks – Price List & Chart

Different types of vaccination will have a different effect on the baby’s body. Today, painless vaccines are much in vogue and that is why I have written an article on this subject. Read on about painless vaccines for your baby when he or she is 6 weeks old.

What is Painless Vaccination?

Let me first introduce to the term painless vaccination. It is a type of vaccine that has lesser number of antigens. It is given to the baby with the help of a syringe.

These types of vaccines are slowly gaining importance because when these are administered to the baby, he or she will have fewer side effects of getting vaccines.

The side effects which the baby is prone to get in case he or she is administered with painful and conventional vaccination include vomiting, nausea, fever, etc. the components of painless vaccines are such that these vaccines will keep some of the above-mentioned side effects away.

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Types of Painless Vaccines

Now that you are aware of the meaning of painless vaccines, let me explain to you the types of painless vaccines that are easily available in the market today.

The painless vaccine is primarily the DaPT which is the short form of Diphtheria, acellular Pertussis, and Tetanus. The main purpose why I would want to administer this vaccine to my baby is that he or she shall not experience as much pain as he or she is prone to experience if I get any of the painful vaccines administered into the body of my baby.

The first example of painless vaccination, therefore, is the DaPT which is also known as the Pentaxim.

Painless Vaccination or DaPt at 6 Weeks

As per the advice was given by my doctor, I have to administer the painless vaccine to my baby as per the following schedule. I have also listed down the prices of the painless vaccines and the dose which needs to be administered to your baby:

The first dose of DaPT should be given to the baby when he or she is 6 weeks or 2 months old. The price of the same in India is somewhere around 800 rupees.   

The second dose should come at 4 months age of the baby and the price is the same as mentioned above, that is 800 rupees

Follow full Vaccination chart for babies in India

Are Painless Vaccinations Safe?

Having seen the various information about painless vaccination, my utmost worry being a mother is whether or not these painless vaccinations are safe for my baby. Well, in context to the above, it will be useful to consider the following points while deciding to go for vaccination of your baby:

  • Painless vaccines do not cause the after-effects that are known to affect your baby after the administration of painful vaccines.
  • The immunity carrying antigens are fewer and lesser in painless vaccinations as against the painful ones. Hence, you need to give more dosages to your baby, in order to keep the same effect in the baby as a painful vaccination
  • Painless ones are costlier and will burn a hole in your pocket

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Thus, you should keep in mind all the points mentioned by me in the article given above when you have to decide about giving vaccination to the baby. I will weigh everything properly and then take a decision for my baby.

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