Painless Vaccination At 10 Weeks – Price List & Chart

People these days are always talking about painless vaccines. But are they safe? Are they as effective as the conventional vaccines which fall under the painful vaccines variety? Well, as a mother myself, I too am concerned about these and that is why I have written an article on this subject. Let us read on the article “Painless Vaccination at 10 Weeks.”

About Painless Vaccination at 10 Week

Before I get onto the painless vaccines available for a 10-week old baby, let me first make you understand more about these type of vaccines.

When my baby is given the conventional types of vaccines, which are also known as the painful vaccines, my baby usually gets a lot of pain and the after effects of such vaccines also stay for a longer time. Some of the after effects include fever, nausea, vomiting, amongst other effects. In order that my baby do not get too much of pain and at the same time remains devoid of the side effects, I want yo understand more about features of painless vaccines. Some of the features of painless vaccines that I have discovered through my research are as mentioned below:

  • Painless vaccines are devoid of any kind of side effects that my baby usually gets after he or she has the vaccine injected
  • However, the immunity carrying components are comparatively less and fewer in painless vaccines as against in painful vaccines. Hence, this means that if I give my baby painless vaccine instead of painful vaccine, his or her chances of getting the disease will not be prevented completely.
  • The painless vaccines stay for a lesser amount of time in the body when you compare it to the time a conventional vaccine stays
  • In order for me to have the same effect of painful vaccine for my baby, I need to ensure that the correct amount of dosage is given. Since the painless vaccines are less effective than their painful counterparts, this would mean that I will have to given more dose of painless vaccine to my baby
  • The painless vaccines are far more expensive than the painful vaccines and with more dosages required, it is sure to burn a hole in your pocket.

In the section that follows, I have listed down more painless vaccines and the schedule of vaccine for a baby at 10 weeks and the accompanying prices of the same. you can follow full vaccination schedule here

Painless Vaccination or DaPt at 10 Weeks

DaPT stands for Diphtheria, Tetanus, as well as Pertussis.

As per my doctor, the first dose of DaPT should be given to the baby when my baby has reached around 6 weeks of age. The price of this vaccine in India is somewhere close to 800 rupees. The second dose should come at the time when the baby will be 10 weeks old and the prices are the same as mentioned above.

Thus, to conclude there are both positives and negatives of using painless vaccination for your child. Being a mother, I always weigh both the options neatly and see what is best for my baby. Whatever decision you take, however, remember to always take it under the guidance and supervision of your child’s medical expert.

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