New Vaccine for Chikungunya Seems Promosing

As per journal, The Lancet, A new chikungunya vaccine developed with modified measles viral. The new vaccine seems promising, safe and effective again the chikungunya. The report is realised base on the clinical trial published in the journal

The Second phase trial, conducted on 263 volunteers conducted by Vienna Univerisity, to provide the immunity, two Injections, with an interval of 1 or 6 months will enough for immunization from chikungunya.

How does it work?

The vaccine will be injected into muscle and order the production of antibodies in the system. These antibodies will start to neutralise the chikungunya virus and will provide covers from dresses.

This new vaccine is considered as a live vaccine with a modified measles vaccine.

Chikungunya is one of the emerging viral diseases in India and this vaccine will be a relief for people who are exposed to this kind of viral disease.  Chikungunya has mostly appeared in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and other considered metro cities provided the season.

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