New Polio Vaccine is freeze-dried vaccine

It would be possible to transport the polio vaccine in a remote area of India as the new vaccine can be stored for weeks without refrigeration. Scientist achieved the remarkable success in developing Freeze Dried Polio vaccine.

This injectable vaccine can be kept for four weeks on room temperature and then rehydrated. This new vaccine has been tried and tested on mice and it has provided full protection against polio to mice.

With merely 22 reported cases in the year of 2017 worldwide, it seems polio is on the verge of complete eradication. With this effect, polio becomes history in many places. Though, the countries are at risk, where vaccination practices blobby.  Some of the countries where recent case reported are Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Syria, and Pakistan.

By absenting moisture through freeze-drying, the scientist made it possible to create a temperature-stable vaccine for measles, typhoid, and meningococcal disease. Though the same was not possible in polio vaccine, so they tried two lab techniques, liquid chromatography and high-throughput screening, which allowed them to analyze the high volume ingredients and formulation until they found one that worked.

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