Mumbai Schools to ensure 100% attendance on Vaccine Day

The education commissioner, Mumbai, release directive observing the lower attendance on the day of vaccination in schools across Mumbai. The circular has been released to schools to ensure the 100% attendance of students during MR vaccine drive.

As I have reported last week, on the day of the drive, 1.6 students have been vaccinated, the figure crossed 4 lakh. Across 1320 schools in Mumbai, 4.3 children received the vaccine. This to note, the drive has been started since 27th Nov 2018. Though there are 72% of all children reported, 28% is yet to vaccinated because they stayed away or absence in schools during this drive.

The authority is reluctant because of absence, the objective to fight diseases 100% and so they want 100% coverage. According to the circular release by nodal officer Rajesh Shinde, the management must connect to parents and hold a discussion to remove any doubts about the vaccine and must ensure the %100 attendance.

This to note, across the state of Maharashtra, 85 lakh children have been vaccinated so far.

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