MMR Vaccine Campaign Mumbai – 1.6 Lakh kids get vaccinated in 3 days

Its remarkable achievement by BMC – Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation MMR vaccination campaign helps vaccinated 1.6 lakh kids within 3 days. Though, this is just 5 percent of the total target across the Mumbai city. According to the official, they will cover all the target group children within 6 weeks of time.

The widely spread misconception among the parents regarding the side effects of the vaccine, the Civic body are aware and prepared to launch an awareness campaign among the people of Mumbai. According to the official, Vaccine is not harmful will try to reach people to make this accepted.

“We haven’t yet got any complaints from a particular school. If needed, we will be creating awareness and clearing the doubts of the parents through WhatsApp groups and during the vaccination as well. There is no case of side effect due to the vaccine. Parents should not fear and should help to eliminate measles and control rubella and congenital rubella syndrome by the year 2020,”

said Dr. Santosh Revankar, joint executive health officer, BMC’s public health department,

The campaign was started since Nov 27, 2018, targeting 2990900 children group and within 3 days, 162235 kids have been vaccinated in 465 schools spread across the city. For all the parents in Mumbai can find the full vaccination chart here

Asking about private availability of MR vaccine, the official clarified, the vaccine is being provided by govt only. No private doctors are involved in the campaign. Though not limiting this to Govt, in future, if we need help we can certainly add them too, said Dr. Santosh Revankar

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