Measles, Rubella Vaccinations Campaign Launched in Haryana

Following WHO target to eliminate the Measles and Rubella by 2020, The Indian govt has launched a nationwide campaign for MR and same has been launched as part of campaign state in Haryana.

Quoting report, 36% of deaths are caused by measles in India. 90% reported cases in 2015 – 2016 were children below 15 years of age and are considered as a vulnerable group across the country. Govt is planning to immunize children between 9 Month to 15 years.

The Haryana govt is considered to immunize 90 lakh children across the state with Measles and Rubella vaccine irrespective of their past vaccination the record. It will be important to say, Among 90 lakh, 8 lakh children are from Gurugram will be immunized

“This will be a once a year vaccination, and each child will be given a card for record. The campaign will cover hard-to-reach areas,” said M P Singh, district immunization officer.

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