Influenza / Flu Vaccine Cost & Schedule in India

All the parents across the globe are now realizing the fact that vaccination is one of the most important parts of all the children as they grow up. You want your child to be really healthy and one of the most recommended ways of doing the same is going for proper vaccination of your child. I am really particular about the same and in this article, I have tried to list down the importance, the immunization schedule, and the price of the vaccine in India.

What is Influenza Vaccine?

Influenza vaccine is also known as the flu shots. These are generally given to provide protection against the various infections that are known to be caused by the virus known as the influenza virus. As you know that there is a constant change in the nature of the virus. Hence, the components of this particular vaccine are also known to keep changing on a case to case basis. It is quite a dynamic virus and hence the shots given to protect against this vaccine is also dynamic in nature.

Benefits of the Influenza Vaccine

The following are some of the benefits that you will get in case of the vaccine:

  • The vaccine will protect your child against getting the flu with which your community might be infected.
  • Preventing hospitalization of your child as a result of the flu
  • Helping and protecting the women who are pregnant both after as well as during the time of pregnancy. It also protects the baby in the womb as he or she is prevented from getting the disease easily.

Influenza / Flu Schedule & Cost in India 

Apart from those mentioned above, as advised by my doctor, I can get my child vaccinated just before the flu season begins in the country. The price of the same in India is somewhere around Rs. 500/-  to  Rs. 800/-

Thus, I hope that the article has been helpful in improving your understanding of the Influenza vaccine and how and why is it important to administer the vaccine in your child in a timely manner.

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What are the Side Effects Caused by the Influenza Vaccine?

The vaccine is known to cause quite a few side effects to your child on whom the vaccine is administered. You need to be absolutely aware of the same, as sometimes the after after-effects major and might require medical help. However, in most of the cases, the after-effects are only minor in nature and form. Some of the most common side effects shall include common cold as well as flu. A runny nose is really common in your child when you get him or her administered with this particular vaccine.

Who Should Not Get the Influenza Shots?

The following people are prohibited from getting the shots:

  • As advised by my doctor, I should not give the shot to my child who is younger than 6 months of age
  • If you have severe allergy with any of the components that are present in the influenza shots
  • Those who are not healthy and have been ill for some time just before giving the shot
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