Govt in Gujarat does not facilitate PCV & Rotavirus vaccine

I just came across news date 14th Nov in Times of India, according to report, 33% child deaths are in India is due to pneumonia and diarrhoea.

PCV and Rotavirus vaccine immunize the children from this disease. Parents who want to protect the kids from this have to spare 15000 to 18000 rupees for this in private clinic. As two vaccine PCV and Rotavirus combined cost are 5000 to 6000 and one need to give 3 doses of this vaccines in the early month of birth.

The irony is Govt of Gujarat vaccination centre does not have this vaccine.

According to doctors, the pneumonia is caused by 19 different types of bacteria. Prevenar 13 is the name of vaccine protects the infants from 13 bacteria which considered as a leading cause of pneumonia under 5 years old kids.  So this is to believe if Prevenar 13 is given then, the kids are 70% immune if given this vaccine.

The Prevenar 19 is the vaccine, which will provide complete protection from all these 19 bacteria and the vaccine is underway.

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