Easy 6 Vaccine (6 in 1) Vaccine Price & Schedule Chart

Vaccination is a very important part of your child’s growth and it is extremely important to give the right amount and dose of vaccines to your child. I, being a mother is very particular about the amount and type of vaccine that I give my child and that is why in this article, I have brought out the importance, the immunization schedule, and the price of easy six vaccines in India.

What is Easy Six Vaccine?

The six in one (6 in 1)  vaccines are considered to be one of the most sought-after vaccinations of the medical industry. As a result of this vaccine, you shall be able to save a lot of costs on different types of vaccines for your child.

As the name suggests, the easy six is a combination vaccine that will help to improve your immunity against six common diseases. These six diseases are Diphtheria, Whopping Cough, Tetanus, Meningitis, Polio, as well as Hepatitis B.

This is essentially a superior form of the available vaccine called Hexaxim as it helps to develop better immunity against diseases such as Pertussis.

Immunization Schedule of the Easy Six Vaccine

This particular vaccine should be should be given to your child when he or she is somewhere around 2 months old. Again, the vaccine has to be given at the age of 4 months and 6 months of your baby.

Price of the Easy Six Vaccine in India

The price of one particular injection of the easy six vaccines is known to cause somewhere around 2400 rupees in India. However, if you avail of some discounts, which might be made available at some seasons or by some stores, you can easily get the easy six vaccines at an affordable price of rupees 1800 to 1900

Thus to conclude, the easy six vaccine is a one-stop solution to six diseases which might affect your child as he or she is in his or her growing up years. Some of these diseases are also serious and can cause serious illness to your child. No parent will want that to happen to your child and as such, you should really be careful of giving proper vaccination to your little darling. Hope this article has helped in providing all the essential details.

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The After Effects of the Easy Six Vaccine

As a parent, you should definitely be aware of some of the side effects or the after-effects of the vaccine after the same has been administered into your child.

Your child can experience redness as well as some swelling around the area. The child can develop a mild fever and start getting irritated at little things as well. There is nothing wrong in the same and you should not get worried even if this happens.

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Use of the Easy Six Vaccine

Easy six vaccines are usually considered safe for almost everyone. However, if you feel that in the past you’d child has experienced some of the other kind of allergic reaction and if he or she is allergic to one or more of the components with which the vaccine is made of, you can communicate the same to your doctor and he or she can advise you to not go ahead with the easy six vaccination.

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  1. Hi, My daughter is 4 months old and we have given her easy six yesterday. Her temperature has been same through out yesterday and today it went ahead 100 degrees. Is this normal? We are giving are giving her T 98 drops for fever but her fever is above 99.7 only. Please advise.

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