Easy 5 Vaccine (5 in 1) Price & Schedule Chart in India

Vaccination is the most important part of the life of your child. As a parent, it is extremely important that you do understand the same and administer proper vaccines to your child in a timely manner. I, as a parent, am really particular about it and that is the reason I ensure that different vaccinations are given to my child timely and in an appropriate way. In this article, I have listed down the details of the easy 5 vaccination below.

What is the Easy 5 Vaccine?


The easy five vaccines are also called the Pentavalent vaccine. As the name suggests, this is a vaccine that is a combination of a total of 5 vaccines also know as 5 in 1 vaccine that will help you develop immunity against common diseases.

These five vaccines are the DTP vaccine, the Hepatitis B vaccine, as well as the Haemophilus vaccine. The vaccine is known to provide protection against diseases such as a Whopping cough, Tetanus, Hepatitis B, Diphtheria, as well as the Haemophilus Influenzae type B.

Side Effects of the Vaccine

The Easy 5 vaccine can cause some mild after effects in your child. You should know about the same and should not panic in case you are facing any kind of problems. Some of the side effects that are closely related to the vaccine include the following:

  • High temperature or fever in your child
  • Redness or a slight amount of soreness around the skin region where the easy 5 vaccines has been injected
  • Sickness and the child behaving a little irritable
  • Diarrhoea
  • Irritation in and around the area where the vaccine has been administered
  • The child might also experience loss of appetite to some extent
  • In some rare cases, the child may have very high temperatures as well.

In any of the above-mentioned circumstances, there is no cause of worry. However, if you still want to double check, you can always consult your medical expert and take advice on the next course of action.

Vaccination Chart & Price  of the Easy 5 Vaccine in India

The first dose is to be given when your child is around 10 weeks to 4 months old. The second is to be given at the time when he or she is 14 weeks to 6 months of age. Adults can also be given the vaccine under the guidance and appropriate supervision of your medical expert.

Easy 5 Vaccine Price

The vaccine is available in India at affordable rates. If you go for the conventional pentavalent vaccine, you can easily get the vaccine at a price of rupees 550 to 600. If you go for the one that is painless and is not conventional in nature, you have to shed a slightly higher amount and it will cost you around 2000 rupees per dose.

Thus, to conclude, the 5 in 1 vaccine is a very important vaccine and you as a parent should be aware of the details, costs, as well as the immunization schedule and chart of the vaccine. Also, check out Easy 6 Vaccine in India

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