DTwP Vaccine Price & Schedule Chart in India

As a parent and a mother myself, the one thing that I am particular about is the vaccination that I give to my child. Giving the correct and appropriate vaccine at the right time is really important and you should be careful to give it to your child as and when recommended by your doctor

What is the DTwP Vaccine?

This is actually a combination vaccine that combines the benefits of three different vaccine combinations that help your child fight against diseases such as diphtheria, pertussis or whooping cough, as well as Tetanus.

 The DTwP is actually indicated by the above letters and the capital letters mean that higher doses and quantity of the same are actually required.

Precautions that Need to be Taken

In order to ensure that the DTwP vaccine does what it supposed to do and to further ensure that the administration of the same does not affect your child in an adverse manner, you need to keep in mind the following:

  • Always get the vaccine administered through a well-known and qualified professional. The place should also be clean and hygienic
  • Ensure that you have made yourself thorough with all the ingredients present in the injection. Should your child suffer from any allergies from these ingredients, you can always be careful about the same

Immunization Schedule of the Vaccine

As per my doctor, I should give my child the DTwP vaccine as per the immunization schedule that has been recommended by various experts in this field.

  • All infants and children whose age is in between 2 months to 7 years are required to be given the DTwP vaccine.
  • For infants, it has been recommended that three doses of the same is to be given and the timeline should be when you child is somewhere around 6 weeks, 10 weeks, and 14 weeks of age
  • The first booster shot of this vaccine is to be administered to your child when he or she is somewhere around 16 to 24 months old
  • Another DTwP booster dose can also be rendered to your child when he or she is somewhere around 5 to 6 years old

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Price of the DTwP Vaccine in India

In India, you can easily find the DTwP vaccine and that too at affordable rates. The following is the price chart of this particular vaccine in India:

  • The first dose of the vaccine which is to be given at the age of 6 weeks of your child is available for rupees 225
  • The second and third dose to be given after a few more weeks time are also available similarly at a cost of rupees 225 again
  • In the case of booster vaccine doses, the same is again available at the same price as already mentioned above

Thus, to conclude, this is an important vaccine that you should not skip giving your child. Although some of the diseases like diphtheria that are prevented by this vaccine may not be too aggressive and common like some of the other known diseases, it is still important to administer the same into your child so that he or she is adequately immune and enjoys a healthy life.

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