DPT Vaccine Chart and Price in India 2019

Vaccination is very important for the healthy growth of your child. There are various vaccines meant for children. In this article, I have listed down the detail of DPT vaccine.

What is DPT Vaccine

DPT Vaccine is a combination of vaccines against the following infectious diseases, diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus. In one shot the baby will receive three vaccines that protect from the diseases.

There are two versions of the vaccine namely DTwp and DTap. The Indian government recommends DTwp even though it has some side effects due to its strong protection against the diseases when compared to DTap.

Why DPT Vaccine is important

Diphtheria is a fatal disease that causes nose, throat and air passages infections.

Tetanus also knew as lockjaw is a disease caused by the toxin of Clostridium tetani which affects the central nervous system. Tetanus enters the body through cuts and wounds.

Pertussis causes a cough affecting the respiratory system. It is contagious and highly common among children.

DPT vaccine provides immunity to all the above diseases and protects the child from fatality. DPT vaccine is administered into the muscle of the child, hence appropriate care must be taken post the vaccination schedule.

DPT  Immunization Schedule and Price

The pediatrics of Indian Academy recommends to administer the vaccine at the following ages:

The vaccine is given in four doses following the above age schedule. The cost of the DTP vaccine per dose is RS 225 in India. You may also like to check out DTwP vaccine here 

DPT Vaccine Side Effects

The common side effect of a DPT vaccine is redness and pain at the injected skin along with fever. The reaction varies with age and number of doses the baby gets the vaccine. The other side effects include fits which is a rare occurrence in babies and has proved temporary. With Doctor’s consult, the baby can consume paracetamol after the DPT vaccine to avoid the fever and pain. Other side effects include loss of appetite, drowsiness and irritability.

Who should not take the Vaccine

  • Children who are above 7 years or old should not take the vaccine.
  • Children who are allergic to the components residing inside the vaccine. If the baby has a reaction after the r first dose then the parent must consult a doctor before proceeding with other doses.
  • Any child/baby receiving anticoagulant therapy must consult a doctor before receiving the vaccine.
  • Pre-term children should take the vaccine according to their chronological age and the vaccination must be administered under doctor’s observation.
  • Children with a history of brain seizures should not take the vaccine before consulting the doctor.

Some Health Tips to protect the child from severe reactions

After the vaccination maintain a hygienic environment for the child.

Consult a doctor if you observe high fever or allergic reaction before proceeding with the next dose.

As parents, our responsibility to protect the infants from deadly diseases is to follow the vaccination schedule at the right time and keep consulting the doctor in case of any abnormality. As we know health is wealth, it is also important to get vaccinations at the right age to avoid complications.

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