Dengue Vaccine in India – Chart and Price in India

As a parent, you ought to know that administering the right vaccine is very important for your child. This is the single most thing that you can do to ensure a healthy life for your child when he or she is grown up completely. I am really particular about the same. I always try to administer the right vaccine to my child, as per the advice of my medical expert. In this article, I have listed down the details, the immunization schedule, as well as the cost of dengue vaccine in India. So, just read on.

What is Dengue Vaccine? Is it Available in India?

Dengue is a virus that most likely is known to affect people in the tropical as well as subtropical regions of the world. This is one disease that has recently become a major threat all over the world and there have been more reported cases of the condition in many countries, in the last few years. Dengue vaccines can go a long way in helping to improve immunity and further prevention of the occurrence of dengue in human beings.

A company with the name of Sanofi Pasteur has undertaken to develop the vaccine that can help fight the human beings against the dengue fever. The objective of this particular vaccine will be to positively affect the people and their health in the countries where there are a widespread occurrence and spread of the disease. India is one such country. After the Company gets its license and all the regulatory approvals have been done, India should be able to get a vaccine that can help citizens fight against dengue.

However, in recent times, there have been some good news and India is likely to get its first dengue vaccine by the year 2019 which shall be developed by Panacea Biotech.

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Dengue Vaccines That are Currently Licensed

Dengvaxia: This is a vaccine that has been developed by the Company called Sanofi Pasteur. This is based on a yellow vaccine fever strain. The vaccine has now been distributed in countries such as Mexico, Brazil, the Philippines, Paraguay. While in India and other countries, the license is yet to be received.

TV003/TV005 is the name of Dengue vaccine in india

This is a vaccine that is developed as a tetravalent vaccine for dengue. This is a licensed vaccine in India and is manufactured by Panacea Biotech and Serum Institute of India.

Role of Dengue Vaccine in Prevention of the Disease

We need to check the role of the vaccine in helping to prevent the disease. The main aim of the various vaccines is to integrate and develop a holistic vaccine in such a way that various diseases which are caused and are similar to dengue can also be treated by using the vaccine. Some of the associated diseases include yellow fever, malaria, zika, chikungunya, amongst others. you may love to check out 10 Vaccine for adults in India 2018

Thus, to conclude, although there is no vaccine currently for dengue, the government is soon developing and prioritizing its efforts towards getting a properly licensed dengue vaccine. It shall be an important move and once introduced, you should make it a point to give your child the proper vaccination.

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