ChickenPox Vaccine Price & Schedule Chart in India 2020

Chickenpox is one of the most common and contagious diseases that usually affect children at least once in their childhood and sometimes even in their adulthood. As such, being a parent, I am very particular that my child is given enough and adequate vaccine for the same. In this article, let us understand more about the vaccine, its immunization schedule, as well as the price of the same in our country.

What is Chicken Pox Vaccine?

The chicken pox vaccine is also known as the Varicella vaccine and whosoever gets this vaccine can stay protected from the condition of chicken pox. The vaccine, although do not guarantee that you will never get the disease what the vaccine certainly does it provide you with enough immunity so that you can adequately fight with the condition.

Possible Side Effects of Getting the Vaccine

Like all different types of medicines, the Chicken Pox vaccine also has its own side effects. Some of the known side effects of the vaccine include the following:

  • Redness or some sort of swelling at the spot where the injection has been administered
  • Mild rash around the area of injection
  • Mild fever can also be another side effect of the medication

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Who Should and Should Not Get the Vaccine?

There are individuals who should definitely get the chicken pox vaccine. These will include the following:

All children should get the vaccine as per the immunization schedule of the vaccine that will be listed down in the following section. Exceptions for this include the following:

  • If your child has had an allergic reaction in the past as a result of getting this vaccine
  • If your child is prone to several allergies from the components that have been mentioned on the list of ingredients in the vaccine
  • If you are an adult and are pregnant
  • If you are someone who is going through radiation and chemotherapy
  • If you are taking drugs and have a disease that leads to weakened immunity
  • If you are someone who is taking a lot of steroids

Chickenpox vaccine price & Immunization schedule

The Varicella or the Chicken Pox vaccine is normally given in two different doses. The first dose is given when your child is around 12 to 18 months of age, as advised by my doctor. Additionally, the second shot should be administered in your child when he or she is somewhere around 4 to 6 years old.

If you are a parent and have not been able to get your child vaccinated by the Varicella vaccine, you need not worry. In case your child has not got chicken pox yet, you can get him or her injected by the vaccine.

The price of the varicella vaccine in India is somewhere in between 1625 rupees to 2259 rupees for each dose.

Thus to conclude, every parent should make it a point that the vaccines are administered into the child as per the proper schedule and the child is vaccinated in an appropriate manner. I hope the details in the article shall make a positive difference!

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