Best Typhoid Vaccine in India

Vaccination is a very important part of every child’s growing up. As a parent, you should always be careful about the dose and the timings of the vaccine that needs to be given to your child. In this article, let us see the type of typhoid vaccine available in India

Little to know about typhoid vaccine 

Typhoid is a highly contagious disease majorly found in South Asia and South East Asia including India. Children and adults are more susceptible to this disease as their immune system is not completely developed. typhoid is caused by a virus called Salmonella typhi bacteria. It will result in impairment of physical development in children. The best way is to immunize your baby at the right

Typhoid Vaccination in India

In India, the typhoid vaccine is a mandatory vaccine for the children. The first dosage is recommended for the child who is more than 2 years old. However, for an alternative purpose, the child can receive vaccination between 9-12 months of age under doctors vigilance.

The second dosage is administered when the kid is 2 years old and the third dosage is between 4-6 years of age. If you miss the first dose at the 9th month, you can still take your child to the doctor.

Best Typhoid Vaccines in India with Brand

Given the importance of typhoid vaccines, many Indian brands have come up with the same. The following is the list of some of the Best Typhoid Vaccines that you can find in India

  • The Wockhardt Health Care Limited has the brand known as Biovac Thyphoid
  • One of the best popular brands of typhoid vaccine in India is the Typbar which is manufactured by the Bharat Biotech International Limited which is also a well-known brand and Company
  • Newgen manufacturers have come up with the Typhim-VI.
  • Another vaccine called the Typho-vi vaccine is manufactured by Biomed Private Limited in the country
  • Another manufacturer which has come up with a very attractive and effective vaccine for the purpose of dealing with typhoid in India is the genbiotech. They are known to manufacture brands such as Tyvax-VI plus.
  • Vactyph is produced by a popular Indian manufacturer called Zydus Cadila

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Typhoid Vaccine Side effects

No vaccine is rid of side effects and it is important to know that each of the above mentioned brands can give side effects of some of the other kind.

If there is a severe sign of allergic reaction or high fever, please consult the doctor. Other mild side effects are difficulty in breathing, Behavioral changes, weakness, vomiting, headache, itching at the place where the injection is administered and fever. The typhoid vaccine side effects do not last more than a few days. Fever is a common side effect and should reduce within two days of the vaccination. In case the fever is not reducing for a longer period, immediately consult a doctor and give the complete history of the child’s health.

As parents and living in India where the population is so high with less hygienic amenities, it is very important to make sure the child is brought up in a healthy environment and kept away from all the contaminated source of food and water. Also, it is our duty to immunize the children at the right age to avoid future diseases.

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