5 Vaccine for Newborn with Chart and Price

It is for an infant it is impossible to feed the tablets, capsules. Another way of putting medicines in the baby’s body is to inject it. Though it is painful for the baby. When an infant is born then their immune system is not good enough to fight against the infections said doctors to me. I was there at the hospital with my newly born baby girl.

#1 Hepatitis B is the first vaccination given to an infant.

At the time of the childbirths the doctor injected hepatitis B vaccine to my baby, I asked the reason why it was important that she said that these vaccines will prevent the harmful infection in the lungs and liver of the baby. Are there any harmful effects? I asked to doctor.

There can be soreness or redness at the point where the injection was injected otherwise it in an inactivated injections, so it will not cause any harm, said the lady. And she further recommended me to visit the doctor up to first 9th month after the baby is born, as there are other vaccinations which will be given to the baby at a certain time. I asked doctors to make a chart of some vaccines with the prices and the age at which it will be given to the baby.

Vaccination Chart for Newborn  Baby

        Age Vaccines name Price
At the time of birth Hepatitis B Rs. 11
After 6 weeks of birth Influenza type B(hib 1) Rs. 11
For 10 weeks baby Rotavirus 2 Rs. 900
For 14 weeks baby DTP 3 Rs. 700
For 6 months baby OPV 1 Rs. 72

#2 The Haemophilus influenza works against HIB virus  

After 6 weeks I visited the doctors, for the baby had to take HIB vaccines. The doctor first told me the need of giving this vaccine. She said that this vaccine protects the child from HIB viruses, the HIB virus attacks the sensitive organs of the body like the brain and the lungs. I never knew about these all so I never thoughts that these could lead to the death of a person.

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#3 Rotavirus works against major illness

It was then the time for the baby to get the next vaccines. I was very caring about my baby so I never missed the day whenever it would be time for the baby to get the vaccines. This time the doctor injected Rotavirus vaccines. I had already read about it. Rotavirus is a virus that causes diarrhea to the baby. This can also cause high fever and vomiting. If not taken seriously then it can cause the death of the infant. After the vaccination was injected the baby fall asleep within few minutes, this showed that that medicine was very powerful.

#4 Don’t miss to give the DTP vaccination to the child

I visited the doctor after my baby became 14 weeks. It was too frequent to go to the hospital, but I could not take any risks.  Every time I meet the doctor I ask about the need and the side effects of the vaccines. This may be irritating to the doctor but I had to see my baby first. The DTP vaccines. This vaccine protects the baby against tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis. There are no side effects of this vaccine, but if you should make sure that the doctors are not reusing any injections.

#5 Oral polio vaccine is a mandatory vaccine for the infants

This time my baby was of 6 months, after a long gap I visited the doctor. They were happy to see my baby fit and healthy in my arms. I was also happy that my baby had got all the required medicines. It was time for OPV vaccines. This vaccine fights against polio. Polio is a disease which causes paralysis in the body. So now my kid is healthy after completing the vaccinations of 6 months. I urge every parent to give the baby the basic medical requirement so that they can have a healthy life ahead. Also check IPV vaccine & Polio 2019 Dates in India too.

This is what I considered for a newborn baby, I would love to know about others. Let me know which vaccine you consider for your newborn would certainly help readers of this blog. please comment below.

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