4 Things to Know about Varicella Vaccine / Chicken Pox Vaccine

Being a parent, my utmost priority is the health and well being of my child. Vaccination is one of the most important steps in that direction. In this article, I have listed down the details of the Varicella Vaccine.

Varicella Vaccine

The chicken pox vaccine also known as Varicella vaccine prevents from the virus attack. It also helps protect the children from being contagious to other people. The chickenpox has a cycle of 10-15 days and severity depends on the respective person’s immune system.

The vaccine not only helps prevent the chickenpox but also avoids from spreading to others. Varicella Vaccine is recommended for all children under the age of 13 years. The vaccine can be taken by any age group if they never had chickenpox.

#1 Health tips during Chicken Pox

  • Chickenpox causes lots of irritation due to the red blisters. Always keep the environment cool for the affected child/person.
  • Ensure the child does not disturb the itchy rashes as they leave a mark that remains on the skin forever.
  • Keep the environment clean and do not allow any visitors as the disease is highly contagious.
  • Consult the doctor if the mild fever turns to chronic fever.
  • Ensure the chickenpox patient is covered in breathable cloths like cotton and not wear any irritable or tight clothes that may cause itchiness.

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#2 Know the Side Effects of  Varicella Vaccine

The most common side effect is redness or swelling at the injected skin. It is possible for a person to get chickenpox even if they had Varicella vaccine before but the impact may be mild.

#3 The vaccine is not for

  • Anyone who is moderately ill due to chickenpox should not take the shot. If the child/person is ill after the first shot, they should wait until the illness is cured.
  • Pregnant women as the effect of Vaccine may cause congenital varicella.
  • A person who is allergic to neomycin and gelatin
  • Anyone going through cancer treatment or have cancer.
  • Anyone who had blood transfusion within 5 months of their vaccine shot schedule.

#4 Varicella Vaccine Cost & Schedule

Depending on the age, Varicella Vaccine constitutes two dosages, each ranging between 4 weeks to 3 months. The first dose for age between 12 months – 12 years is .5 mL and the second dose of .5 mL is administered after 3 months of the first dosage. If the age of the child/person is above 13 years then the first dose of .5 mL varicella vaccine is administered followed by second shot within 4 weeks of the first dosage.

The cost of Varicella vaccine ranges between RS 1625- RS 2259 per dose in India. The cost may vary depending on the location.

As parents, we must ensure to protect our children from various contagious diseases by immunizing them through the required vaccines. It is our responsibility to check if the vaccine administered is approved by the government. Also, it is very important to have the complete dosage and not miss the schedule. If the schedule is missed due to any reason, consult the appropriate doctor and follow the guidance accordingly.

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