Vaccination Chart / Immunization Schedule in India 2019

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Follow the Birth Vaccination chart and Price list. This vaccine is usually given at the time of birth.

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This is section contains the vaccination chart for the infant’s age 10 weeks to 4 months. 

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If you are parents of baby with 14 week to 6 month old, follow the vaccine chart as stated below. 

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This section represent immunization for 9 months. 

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Get the detail for 12 month vaccination chart. Click to know more

Get detail about vaccination for 15 Month. 

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Get the detail about vaccination for 18-Month-old baby in India. 

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You baby turned 2 years, and you are looking for a vaccine schedule for 24month, Get the detail here

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This is vaccine given to baby age between 2 years to 3 years.

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Get the immunization schedule for 5 year old

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This section covers all possible vaccine for 10 old in India.

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We have covered the vaccination schedule till 12 years. Will be updating more. 

To know more about Vaccination for 10-year-old, 

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Full form of Vaccination & Combination

Full form of Vaccines

IPV = Injectable Polio Vaccine

OPV = Oral Polio Vaccine (oral polio drops, also given in “Pulse Polio Programme” in India )

BCG – Bacillus Calmette–Guérin vaccine against tuberculosis.

DPT / DTaP = Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus Vaccine

HiB = Hemophilus Influenza B Vaccine

HepA = Hepatitis A

HepB = Hepatitis B

MMR = Measles, Mumps, Rubella Vaccine

PCV = Pneumococcal Vaccine

Varicella = Chicken Pox

Combination of Vaccine

It is recommended to go with the combination of vaccine which works well as pair and get immunity against the disease. Some of them are as below. (will update more )

  • DPT + Hepatitis B (quadrivalent vaccine)
  • DPT + Hepatitis B + Hib vaccine (5 in 1 vaccine)
  • DPT + HiB + Hep B + IPV

Birth Vaccine Price, Chart & Schedule

BCG Price:  Rs.60
OPV Price: Rs. 230
Hepatitis B (1st) Price: Rs.175

6 weeks / 2 Months Vaccine Price, Chart & Schedule

OPV / IPV (1st) IPV – Rs.700/-
Hepatitis B (2nd) Hepatitis B – Rs.175/-
DTwP/DTaP (1st) DTaP   –   Rs.800/-
Rotavirus (1st) DTwP – Rs.50
HiB (1st) DPT + HiB –   Rs. 600/-
PCV (1st)   Rotavirus –   Rs.1,500/-
PREVANAR-13 (PCV)   –  Rs.3,800/-
Synflorix (PCV)   –   Rs.1,800/-

10 Weeks / 4 Month Vaccination

  • OPV / IPV (2nd)
  • DTwP / DTaP (2nd)
  • HiB (2nd)
  • PCV (2nd)
  • Rotavirus (2nd)
  • PIPV   –   Rs.700/-
  • DTwP + HiB   –  Rs.600/-
  • DTaP   –   Rs.800/-
  • DTwP – Rs.50
  • Rotavirus   –   Rs.1,500/-
  • (PCV)   –   Rs.3,800/-
  • Synflorix (PCV) – Rs.1800
  • DPT + HIB (EASY FOUR) – Rs.575
  • DPT + HiB + HepB (PENTAVAC) – Rs.550
  • DTaP + HIB + IPV (PENTAXIM) – Rs.2495


14 Weeks / 6 Month Vaccination

OPV / IPV (1st)Price:  Rs. 700/-
Hepatitis B (2nd) Price:  Rs. 175/-
DTwP/DTaP (1st)

DTaP  –  Rs. 800/-

DTwP  –  Rs. 50/-

DPT + HiB –     Price : Rs. 600/-

Rotavirus (1st)

Rotavirus    –   Rs.1,500/-

HiB (1st) 


9 Month Vaccination Chart

MMR (1st) Price Rs. 500

12 Month Vaccination Chart

Hepatitis A (1st) Price:   Rs. 1,400/-

15 Month Vaccination Chart

MMR (2nd) Price:  Rs. 500/-
Varicella (Chickenpox) Price:  Rs.1,900/-
PCV (Booster)  PREVANAR-13 (PCV) – Rs. 3,800/-
Synflorix (PCV)  –  Rs.1,800/-

18 Month Vaccination Chart

DTwP/DTaP (1st Booster) DTwP –  Rs. 50  /  DTaP –  Rs. 800/-
OPV/IPV (1st Booster) Price:   Rs. 700/-
Hepatitis A (2nd)  Price:   Rs. 1,400/-

24 Month Vaccination Chart

Typhoid Price:  Rs. 300/-

2 & 3 Years Vaccination Chart

Typhoid Booster Price:  Rs. 300/-

5 Years Vaccination Chart

DTwP/DTaP (2nd Booster) DTwP –  Price Rs. 50  / DTaP -Rs. 800/-
OPV/IPV (2nd Booster) Price: Rs. 700/-
MMR (Booster) Price:   Rs. 500/-
Varicella (Chickenpox) (Booster) Price:  Rs. 1,900/-

10 Years Vaccination Chart

Td/Tdap Price: 1,100/-

12 Years Vaccination Chart

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Cervarix   –   Rs. 2,200/-
Gerdasil   –   Rs. 3,200/-

Be careful:

The page here is just reference with general information. You should consult your doctor for right vaccine for your baby

  • The price is again general and may vary by brand and consulting doctor. Though preventing being full we request you to ask vaccine brand and price to pretend you know about the vaccine and help you to spare from charging additional price.
  • This is a case where I regularly visit our baby doctor so he is not charging a consulting charge but you need to pay according to your situation.
  • The prices in the vaccination chart are for the year 2019

Other recommended vaccines are

FLU – Vaccine against Influenza virus infection such as FLU, H1N1 / Swine flu. You need to consider this after 6 months with 2 doses each will have 1 month of the interval between. The cost of Flu vaccine start from 800 and goes up to 1200 per dose. Flu vaccine is available from some popular brands stated as below

  • Vaxigrip Paediatric —  Rs.850  — Sanofi India Ltd
  • Influvac   –   Rs.810 – Abbott
  • Influgen   —   Rs.790 – Lupin Ltd
  • Influvac   –   Rs.810 – Abbott
  • Nasovac-S – Rs.800 – Cipla Ltd

Men A – The vaccine get your baby immune again meningococcal infections and it is highly recommended for immunocompromised children. Also, the vaccine is highly considered when the disease spreading in the area. There are single dose vaccines required after the age of 1 year.

Some more, if you like to go for additional immunity – Cholera vaccine, Rabies vaccine, Japanese encephalitis vaccines